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General Information

The Clemens Center is the perfect place to connect with family and friends to create memorable performance experiences that enrich, inspire and even amaze you! To enhance your experience, we make the following suggestions with the intention of eliminating any discomfort that may get in the way of a truly wonderful night at the Clemens Center.

  • Check your tickets immediately upon purchase. Due to multiple performance days and times, please be sure they are for the show you wanted. If there is any confusion, contact the Box Office right away.
  • Allow plenty of time for arrival at the theater. Try to arrive between 15 and 30 minutes before show-time to allow ample time for you to be comfortably seated.
  • Have your tickets ready to show an usher at the door. They will help direct you to your seat.
  • If the show has started before you arrive at the theater, please wait at the head of the aisle for an usher to seat you during an appropriate applause break.
  • During the performance, please be mindful of others around you by limiting noise distractions as much as possible.
  • Control your "beeps." The sounds of watches, pagers beeping and cellular phones ringing disturb the performance. Please silence your equipment before entering the theater.
  • Taking photographs and using audio or video tape recorders during performances is strictly prohibited.
  • Restrooms are located in both levels of the lobby.
  • Relax and allow yourself to be treated as the special person you are on your "night out." There is no "dress code" at the Clemens Center, so dress in a style that is comfortable for you. Enjoy yourself! Laugh, cry, cheer or applaud as you feel moved to respond.

Our staff is here to serve you, so please ask for any assistance you may require. Let us know how we can improve your enjoyment of the Clemens Center!